4 Healthy sandwiches for your picnic in Barranco

Nothing more relaxing than enjoying the tranquility and green areas of Barranco in a picnic with friends to chat, laugh, meditate and enjoy. Take note of these healthy snacks to share that you can not miss in your day of relaxation:

Spinach and cream cheese:

An easy, fresh and healthy option. Boil some spinach leaves for a few seconds, drain them and cut them into strips. Mix the spinach with cream cheese and flavor it with a touch of salt and pepper. It serves the preparation in slices of integral bread or multigrain and ready!

Soy meat sautéed with tomato and onion:

Soy meat or textured soy protein is an excellent choice to replace animal meat. Soak the dried soy meat in hot water with salt and when it has increased its size drain it with your hands. Heat olive oil and sauté the soy meat with garlic, salt and pepper, add the onion, turn off the heat and add tomato and cilantro. You can serve it in integral baguettes or integral ciabatta. Ideal for those who enjoy eating a good amount.

Zucchinis and peppers sauteed in multigrain bread:

Both vegetables are super light and beneficial for the body. The mild flavor of the Zuchinni with the strong pepper will give a special touch to your snack. Cut the pepper and zucchini into strips and sauté with olive oil and garlic with salt and pepper. Serve on whole wheat bread and go!


The easiest and healthiest snack par excellence. Cut whole pita bread in half, add light fresh cheese, tomato slices and on top of basil leaves. Add a pinch of salt and a splash of extra virgin olive oil. Enjoy!

Enjoy contact with nature and delicious snacks at a picnic in Barranco and visit our sales room to receive more information about The Modern project: El Sol Oeste Avenue, Cl. Las Mimosas corner, Barranco. We will wait for you!

17 de May 2022 - 21:39