Cultural Agenda Barranco – December 2019

Check out the main concerts and cultural exhibitions of Barranco in the month of December. Separate the most important dates and travel through the most bohemian district of Lima:


David Bisbal – Tour 2019
05/12/2019 – 21:00 p.m.
Barranco Arena Convention Center, Catalino Miranda 154, Barranco
S/132.00 – S/3850.00

The artist began his career when he was in second place in the most famous singing contest in Spain, “Operation Triunfo”. Now with more than 60 platinum records, he has Lima on his tour and brings his best repertoire for the concert.


Until 03/01/2020 – 10:00 a.m.
Prices from S / 10.00 to S / 20.00
MAC Av. Admiral Miguel Grau 1511

Based on landscape photographs, Camila Rodrigo builds installations on diverse media such as reproductions in photocopies, photographs made with expired film, or sculptures that are constituted by the tension between stones and photographic images.


Thursday, 12 December
S / 93.00 – * Minimum consumption S / 30.00

Milagros Porturas brings a unipersonal where he tells us about a woman who tries to return to the “market” of romance and conquest after her divorce. During the show he will show you how he faced the disadvantages of having been “out of circulation” for a long time and will tell how he took advantage of the new tools and opportunities that the modern world presents to us; All this with his rogue and hilarious style that will make you laugh from beginning to end.

Take advantage of December to attend the main events in Barranco and visit our sales room to receive more information about The Modern project: Av. El Sol Oeste, corner Cl. Las Mimosas, Barranco. We will wait for you!

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