Online cultural schedule for July

Although quarantine in much of Peru ended on June 30, there are still businesses that will take time to reintegrate at this juncture, in which the virus is still present. We refer to the entertainment sector; where discotheques, theaters and cinemas still will not be able to resume their activities normally. But, like many others, this item has seen a way to reinvent itself and align itself with the present that we live.
Nowadays, it is impossible to think about attending a concert or a play, where hundreds or thousands of people can gather, thus producing a high probability of contagion among the attendees. Thus, the revolution of streaming events was generated. Although streaming had already gained ground in the entertainment industry with series and movies, the performing arts are making their way to this new modality to be able to float during the pandemic. It will no longer be necessary to attend an esplanade or a theater room to enjoy your favorite artist or see a work, it will only be enough to buy your tickets online, prepare the armchair in your room well and sit down to enjoy the show through a transmission. Take note of the works you can enjoy:

1. Las Lolas

We Peruvians know Katia Condos for her long artistic career. We have seen her as a clown, actress, and host; definitely an artist with all her lyrics. But this is the first time that we can see her as the writer of her first one-person show: Las Lolas. This work was released in 2017 and again, with more success, in 2019, filling dates at the Pirandello Theater and touring the country, reaching more than 22 thousand spectators.
Now the pandemic allows us to once again enjoy the four Lolas represented by Katia Condos and an uncontrolled secretary (Joaquín de Orbegoso), who return to the sole staff led by Gonzalo Torres; this time from our homes.
You can access the complete work as many times as you want for 48 hours, through the Joinnus Live portal, after making your purchase on said portal.

2. Pantaleón y Las Visitadoras El Musical

This work is the first Peruvian musical show by the theater house Los Productores, based on the well-known Nobel Prize novel Mario Vargas Llosa. The musical was adapted by David Serrano and directed by Juan Carlos Fisher. It premiered in 2019 with a successful season at the Japanese Peruvian Theater and now returns to the scene to be enjoyed from the best seat at home. Do not miss this incredible show with more than 40 artists including dancers, singers and actors.
You can access the complete work as many times as you want for 48 hours, through the Joinnus Live portal, after making your purchase on said portal.

3. Junta Extraordinaria

Streaming work that seeks to represent “the first virtual meeting of residents of the El Porvenir building” with the performance of Gisela Ponce de León and Christian Ysla.
Unlike the works previously mentioned, whose projection consists of the transmission of the show recorded during its theater season; This production of La Plaza has been created in the context of the pandemic and adapted exclusively to the streaming theater format. While the previous works can be viewed for 48 hours, after making the purchase of tickets, this particular work has specific function hours.
It can be seen through Zoom, from Friday to Sunday at 9:30 p.m. and lasts 60 minutes.

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19 de May 2022 - 11:06