Online cultural schedule for November

It is understandable that, after almost 8 months of pandemic and social distancing, the ideas for activities for distraction are starting to become rare. You have probably already seen all the series and movies that you had pending on Netflix or you have already finished that book that you wanted to read so much, and you feel that you are running out of ideas. But don’t worry, new streaming shows keep appearing month by month and in this article we will tell you which shows you can enjoy online from the safety and comfort of your home.

1.Online Festival Against Covid-19 “Somos Amazonía”

This is an event that you can have fun with, while supporting a worthy cause. The online concert seeks to collect funds for the collective “Somos Amazonía”, who have been working since April together with different communities in the Amazon in their fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

This charity festival has the participation of 17 musicians representing renowned Peruvian bands, who have joined the initiative. You can enjoy the participation of We The Lion with Alonso Briceño, Alejandro and María Laura, No Recomendable, Lorena Blume, ACO, Andrea Martínez, Cristina Valentina, Diazepunk with Charly García, Laguna Pai with Mariano Palacios and Salomood, ACHKIRIK with David Labarthe and Gabriel Peña, Olaya Sound System with Mateo Bonora and Lorenzo Zolezzi, Tourista with Rui Pereira and the end of the party will be in charge of Shushupe.

The event will take place on Sunday, November 15, starting at 03:00 p.m. and tickets start at S / 15. You can purchase your pass through the Joinnus page.

2. José Luis Rodríguez “El Puma”… Directo a casa

One of the most important exponents of Latin music joins the trend of online concerts and will delight thousands of homes with his greatest hits.

El Puma has more than 40 records recorded in different languages ​​with which it achieved multiple gold and platinum records that have transcended the race of time, becoming classics of popular music.

The winner of the Latin Grammy 2019 for musical excellence for his career will give a concert this November 21 at 09:00 p.m. Tickets have a general price of S / 70 and can be purchased through the Joinnus website.

3. Bajo Terapia

This work by Matías Del Federico, directed by Daniel Veronese, tells the story of three couples who go to therapy with the intention of treating their conflicts, but will find themselves in a more intense session than expected. The psychologist left envelopes with slogans that couples will have to address and analyze together. Each envelope that is opened proposes ingenious questions, transforming the session into a very funny chaos.

On stage, the play features incredible and renowned Peruvian actors such as Marco Zunino, Ximena Diaz, Denisse Dibos, Sergio Galiani, Gianella Neyra and Renzo Schuller.

The video of the work will be available from October 15 to November 15 at 11:59 p.m. Tickets provide unlimited access for 48 hours from purchase. Prices range from S / 16 in presale and can be purchased through the Joinnus page.

4. Idéntico En Concierto

Dúo Idéntico, made up of Beto Gómez and Carlos López, brings us a new version to enjoy their music. This talented pair of Peruvians has managed to internationalize their Latin pop proposal beyond their native country with hits such as “Te acordarás de mí” and “Te encontré”.

This is a family concert, suitable for everyone, where they seek to reconnect with their audience to sing from their hearts and the show will last approximately one hour.

Tickets will be available for 24 hours from purchase and are on sale on the Joinnus page for S / 10.

The options to spend the days are many, it is only a matter of choosing which one is your favorite. At The Modern, you can find the perfect apartment to enjoy the plays, movies or concerts you want. Visit our sales room by separating your appointment at 961 769 375 or write to us by WhatsApp by entering We will wait for you!

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