September cultural schedule

We know that day to day, in these times, can be very stressful and exhausting. It is important to find moments of relaxation between work, children and household chores, and even better, if these moments can be shared as a family. Watching a movie, a play or enjoying a concert can be an ideal reason to find this relaxing space that you are looking for so much. Currently, there is a wide variety of options between plays and concerts that you can enjoy from home. We invite you to read this article with the best options for September.

1. Bram Stoker’s Dracula on Streaming

Who does not know “Dracula”? The horror classic by Irishman Bram Stoker published in 1897 and which hit the screen in 1992, thus creating one of the most iconic horror film characters of all time. In this opportunity, you will have the option of enjoying the best adaptation of recent years in our country, which was produced in 2012.

Under the slogan of “Enjoy it in the dark and you will never sleep the same again”, the La Plaza Theater company offers the public the story of Jonathan – played by César Ritter-, an English lawyer who travels to Transylvania to close a contract with Count Dracula – played by Miguel Iza-, who takes him prisoner. Jonathan manages to escape, but Dracula follows him to his native London, where he falls in love with his fiancee, leading to a strange love story. Van Helsing -interpreted by Roberto Moll-, an experienced vampire hunter will go after the Count, still without knowing for sure if he is the always-cursed one he has been looking for since his dreams.

This Peruvian production, directed and adapted by Jorge Castro, has the participation of an incredible cast made up of Miguel Iza, Roberto Moll, Wendy Vásquez, César Ritter, Pietro Sibile, Lizet Chavez Eduardo Camino, Gonzalo Molina, Karen Spano, Lita Baluarte and Anaí Mujica.

The play is available from August 15 and you can access it unlimitedly for 48 hours from the purchase. You can purchase your tickets through the Joinnus page.

2. Frágil: Avenida Larco por siempre

To speak of Peruvian rock inevitably is to speak of the Frágil group. This band, formed in 1976 by Octavio Castillo, César Bustamante, Luis Valderrama, Harry Anton and Andrés Dulude, marked a milestone in Peruvian rock after making the first music video in the country with its first, successful and historic production, Avenida Larco in 1981 Frágil and his music are still present on the Peruvian scene more than 40 years after its launch.

On this occasion, the emblematic Peruvian rock band joins the streaming trend with “Frágil: Avenida Larco por siempre”, a virtual concert held at the Japanese Peruvian Theater and will be available from Saturday, September 5 to Wednesday, September 23 of September. Tickets can be purchased individually or in packages, through the Teleticket website.

3. Cristian Castro en tu casa

Cristian Castro is one of the most recognized singers in Mexico for his extensive career since the eighties. The interpreter, son of Verónica Castro, achieved fame with his renowned songs “Por amarte asi”, “Lo mejor de mi” and “Azul”. His concerts are always full of emotion and feeling, which are accompanied by the stage presence that he has.
On this occasion, the singer will offer a virtual concert through the Eticket Mexico platform and can be seen by fans from various countries, including Peru, this Saturday, September 19 at 09:00 p.m.
To purchase your tickets, you just have to make the purchase through the Teleticket page.

More and more artists dare to venture into streaming to bring the best of their talent to their fans around the world. Definitely, this can help make your days more bearable and find moments of relaxation and recreation.

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