Learn about the benefits of living in Barranco

Looking for a place to move in soon? Barranco is considered, for many reasons, as the ideal district to live in the city of Lima. The area offers a wide variety of lifestyles and is currently experiencing significant real estate expansion. This district, known for its fairs, green areas, ocean views, cultural activities, restaurants and tourist attractions, is ideal if you are looking to buy an apartment in Lima. In the following The Modern article, we tell you some reasons why you should consider moving to Barranco:

1. Cultural activities in Barranco

To speak of art in Lima is to speak of the Barranco district. This area of ​​the city offers a large number of museums, fairs and theaters. Inside Barranco you can find the MATE (exhibition gallery of Mario Testino’s work), Cede Galería, Dédalo Arte or the Lima Museum of Contemporary Art, located a few steps from Grupo Octagon’s The Modern project.
In the same way, you can enjoy the Barranco Fair, one of the most important in the capital or the Barranco Ecological Fair that takes place very close to The Modern. As for theater, you will find a wide offer at Casa Mocha Graña or La Estación. These spaces make living in Barranco a unique experience every day.

2. Live close to the sea

Barranco is one of the districts of Lima that has the privilege of being located in front of the sea. Since the district is not very extensive, it is very possible that you can take a quiet and quick walk to reach its beaches to enjoy the sea, practice some sport or simply appreciate beautiful landscapes. That particular way of living near the sea gives Barranco an advantage that not many areas have. In addition, being a coastal district, the real estate offer becomes more interesting, since you can opt for an apartment with an ocean view at The Modern, an innovative project from the Octagon Group located a few steps from the Paul Harris Boardwalk.

3. Parks in Barranco

The Barranco district has a wide range of green areas, ideal for walking with the family, playing sports or enjoying with the home pet. Among the most iconic parks are: the Municipal Park, Los Héroes Park, Armendariz Park and the “Manuel Montero Bernales” Family Park, all located very close to The Modern project. Green areas that make living in Barranco the best option in Lima.

4.Barranco safe district

The Municipality of Barranco is constantly developing and launching policies that help strengthen security. For this reason, organizations such as the Citizen Security Management manage to make Barranco one of the safest areas in Lima to live.

5. Real estate offer and revaluation in Barranco

The real estate offer in Barranco has increased considerably compared to other districts of Lima in recent years, this can benefit you a lot, since if you are looking to buy an apartment in Lima that meets your needs, it is most likely that you will end up finding it in an apartment in Barranco. On the other hand, if after a few years you want to put your apartment up for sale to find a new home, we comment that the apartments in Barranco tend to increase in value over time. So if you decide to move in and sell the apartment, you could receive a higher value than what you originally paid for it.

6. Central and accessible district

Barranco is one of the smallest districts of Lima and borders districts such as Miraflores, Surco and Chorrillos; Furthermore, as it is a coastal district, it has access to the Costa Verde expressway. If you want to live in a central and accessible apartment in Lima, buying an apartment in Barranco is an excellent option regarding the issue of roads.

Do you want to enjoy the benefits of living in Barranco? Make the best decision and choose to live at The Modern! An innovative project designed for you located just steps from the Paul Harris boardwalk, in front of the Parque de los Héroes: ideal and safe spaces in Barranco to live in the best district of Lima. Visit our Commercial Office at Av. Saenz Peña 203, Barranco or make your appointment at 961 769 375 and get to know our apartments for sale. We will wait for you!

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