How to entertain your pet during isolation

More than 50 days have passed since our country was declared a national emergency as a necessary measure to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in which any type of non-essential activity was suspended, which means that staying at home is the only option for contain this virus.
In this emergency, not only we have been affected in our daily routine, but also that of our pets because they will have to spend more time at home than they are used to. This could cause stress and affect their health, so it is important to take advantage of this quarantine time by doing entertaining activities that help them release accumulated energy, which is why below we share some activities that you can do with your pet to entertain them during isolation.

Strengthens your sense of smell

One of the most developed senses in canines is smell, which is why tracking games are perfect for them, as Veterinary specialist Tomas Camp points out “promoting the play, exploration and use of dogs’ smell at home during this atypical and difficult period. ”
To put this activity into practice you can use small amounts of its food and hide it in different places so that your pet can entertain itself looking.
Start by lighting it in nearby places where he eats, and over time you can go little by little, you can increase your level and hide it in other places in the house, if you want, incorporate obstacles such as chairs, boxes or objects to further stimulate your smell.
At first he will need you to guide him to understand the game mechanics. This will allow your pet to feel safe and develop a physical and mental activity in which it manages to waste its energy.

Hide and seek game

Another game to enjoy in this quarantine is that of hide and seek since in addition to being simple to perform, it turns out to be fun exercising your pet’s mind and body.
To start, one of the participants will need to help the canine verbally with phrases like Busca ’Find a…’ ’Where is he…?” while the others hide, this will stimulate your pet to start searching.
On the other hand, the participants who are hidden can call the canine of their name, throw objects or toys at them, since in this way they will be able to capture the attention of your pet and he or she will go to look for them.
When the dog manages to find the hidden, do not forget to congratulate him and if possible reward him with his favorite food.

Get it in shape

Take advantage of these days at home to avoid losing your pet’s physical activity by doing activities that keep him in shape during the quarantine.
You can start with a simple game like throwing a ball quickly or other objects that catch your attention. This is one of the favorite activities of dogs, so this exercise is extremely interactive and at the same time strengthens and stimulates your pet physically and mentally.
“The ideal is to have game sessions of at least 30 minutes a day,” says specialist Carmen Luz Barrios. “They can be divided, with mini sessions of 10 or 15 minutes, but hopefully they will be at the same time every day.”
Remember to be careful when throwing the ball so that the vases and house decorations are not in danger.

Time in company

Leisure time is also important for your pet since in this way he can relax and enjoy your company, you can spend time with him on the sofa, pet him or do a simple massage, this will help avoid stress.
Remember that entertaining your pet during these days of isolation requires additional effort on your part, spend time daily and set your imagination and creativity free so that both can enjoy spending time at home. With these activities you will ensure that your pet adequately copes with the quarantine, but always remember to be on the lookout if you notice any strange symptoms, immediately consult the vet.

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19 de May 2022 - 10:05