Tips to avoid pandemic stress

The situation that triggered the Covid 19 pandemic was something that no one imagined could happen until the moment it was announced. This fact came to interrupt the daily life of all people around the world and temporarily stop future plans. It generated that the activities of every day become challenging times due to the danger involved in leaving home. It is natural that this context can create feelings of stress, fear and nervousness, but it is also natural to be able to recover from them. In this article, we want to give you some practical tips to combat stress in times of pandemic.

1. News consumption

As this is a completely new situation, the information is essential to be aware of updates on the subject or recommended prevention measures. But there are two aspects that you must take into account.

First of all, use as sources of information only reliable media, such as newspapers or important newscasts at the national and international level, you can also choose to read articles from specialists and health organizations. For no reason are you guided by news or publications made by means of doubtful origin or from which you cannot corroborate their veracity. Also avoid the media used to sensational news or misrepresentation of information.

Second, don’t get overwhelmed with information. In the conjuncture that the world is living, it is inevitable that a lot of news is discouraging and this will only increase your level of anxiety and stress. It is advisable to only use approximately half an hour a day to find out what is strictly necessary.

2. Keep in touch with important people

“Our emotionality and experience gains stability in our relationship with others,” explains Jaime Silva, a Chilean psychologist. It is for this reason that it is recommended not to lose connectivity with friends and family. Although in these times we are recommended social gatherings, or visits to people with whom we do not live, technology can provide the ideal resources to stay close to the people we love without the need to expose our health. You can make video calls and stay in permanent contact via WhatsApp, the important thing is that you feel the presence of those who are important to you in your daily routine.

3. Keep your routine

From adults with working hours, to children with school classes: everyone had a daily routine before the pandemic hit. This was altered due to the quarantine, mainly in the hours of sleep and the eating rhythm of people.
To counteract the negative effects of poor rest and eating, choose to go to bed early and get up at the time you would if you had to attend work and eat your meals at the times you usually do. This will help improve your rest and maintain a healthy diet, fundamental factors for a proper mood.

4. Take time for your well-being

A good or bad mood also has to do with the little details. Something as simple as taking off your pajamas and dressing like you have to go to work will make you feel more motivated, with more energy and a better mood. Take advantage of free time at home to experiment with makeup, beauty routines, and hairstyles. Similarly, include an exercise routine in your day. Enjoy the activities that you like the most without guilt, relax and pamper yourself.

5. Do meditation exercises

The mind is the foundation of emotional well-being. Support yourself with applications and YouTube videos to perform breathing exercises and do a little meditation, with which you can control anxiety levels and reduce the feeling of stress. In the morning, find a phrase that motivates you during the day and repeat it several times.

Remember that the pandemic is a temporary situation, and with effort and patience we can overcome it.
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