How to cool your pet in summer

Having a pet at home is a task that requires great responsibility, so we must be aware that our cocky people can feel comfortable and at ease. This care must be intensified in seasons such as summer, since temperatures increase considerably, and if certain care is not taken, pets can suffer damage such as heat stroke.
For this reason, in the following article we will show you a series of guidelines to refresh your pet in summer and help it to better spend this time of year.

1. Keep it hydrated all the time

Remember that it is important to keep our pets constantly hydrated at this time of year, so you must leave fresh and clean water available throughout the day. Check frequently that your drinking fountain is full of water and do not leave it in the sun, as the summer heat causes the liquid to evaporate quickly and overheat.
A good option is to place more water fountains at home, especially close to where your pet usually rests, so that they will not have to move much through the water.

2. Wet it in key areas

What many people usually do is wet the head or body of their pets, however, this is not recommended. In the case of dogs, wetting their fur when the ambient temperature is very high produces a kind of hot steam that, instead of cooling it, can make it more hot.
For this reason, it is best to wet areas such as the belly, the pads of the feet and moisten the inside of the ears carefully so that no water enters the ear.
And, of course, the best way to cool off is a swim, either in the sea or in a pool.

3. Avoid taking it out in high heat hours

Even if you like to take her out for a walk or play sports with your pet, remember that when the heat is intense, taking her for a run or having her ride the bike with you can be dangerous.
Heat stroke is a very real risk in summer and you should avoid it at all costs. Therefore, the ideal is to take a good walk first thing in the morning or a quick and functional walk (to relieve themselves) at noon, and a long walk when the afternoon falls and the sun has gone down.

4. Prepare a refreshing bed

It is recommended that in summer you adapt your bed so that it is more comfortable. It is very common for pets to rest or sleep on the floor at this time of year, they may notice that their bed is too hot and it is not the best place to spend the summer.
To do this, choose to find a bed that favors the dispersion of heat. For example, the use of cooling blankets and mats. The important thing is that your pet has the possibility to choose where to sleep and be cool.

5. Keep the house cool

Finally, it is very important to keep the house always cool, either with the help of air conditioning, fans or by opening the windows in the morning and afternoon. It is recommended that your pet can sleep or rest in the coolest place in the house.

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