How to buy your Christmas gifts in the middle of the pandemic?

The coronavirus has become the new Grinch of Christmas, since we will have to change certain activities to prevent the numbers of infections from continuing to skyrocket.
Among the main questions that may exist for this great date is how the gift purchases will be made. Therefore, in the following article we will teach you how to buy your Christmas gifts in the middle of the pandemic.

1. Build your list

We recommend preparing a Christmas shopping list in advance to avoid going to the mall more than once or twice. Choose products that are easy to find, and if possible, days before you can check the stores’ website to see their availability and price. That way, you can avoid moving from one place to another.
Another option is to make your purchases from the stores’ website, so that you only go to pick up what you chose, without having to go around the mall. Some stores even offer to bring the order to your door. Of course, do it in advance. Delivery services can delay, and even more so, on a date with as much demand as Christmas.

2. Go shopping early

Many stores close early to refill products and disinfect overnight. So we recommend that you organize your day well and try to go shopping as early as possible. That way, you can find stores that are much cleaner, tidier and with assorted products. Remember that it is a festive date and the vast majority of people will choose to go shopping, so it will generate a large crowd.

3. Protect yourself

Wear the mask at all times while in the store. Remember to use it properly at all times (above the nose and protecting the mouth).
We suggest, as another protection and cleaning measure, that you take a couple of disinfectant wipes with you to clean the handles of the shopping cart or basket. If you use reusable shopping bags, make sure they are clean before using them.

4. Social distancing

When shopping, you should be mindful of social distancing while in the store, keeping at least 6 feet (2 meters) from other people. Remember that it is a date with high demand, and most likely, the stores have a large influx of people. Take your precautions.

5. Limit your trips to the store

Try to make your gift list with products that you can find in the same store or shopping center, so that you do not have to make more than one outing, or have to walk around the city. Remember that every time you go out to buy it is a small exposure situation.

6. Back home

Wash your hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds when you return home and after unpacking the gifts. Also, wipe the box of each gift with a cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol and allow it to dry as an additional precaution.

While it is good to take precautions, we must also take care of our mental health and try to minimize the anxiety derived from shopping during the pandemic. We have to be reasonable with ourselves and understand that this Christmas requires taking a much more patient position, but without lowering our guard. Let’s do the best we can and then we will most likely be okay.

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19 de May 2022 - 10:27