Tips to decorate an apartment with contemporary style

Are you thinking of decorating your apartment, but still don’t know what style to apply? Do not worry, in the following article we present an alternative of contemporary style, which when we talk about it, we refer to a type of art that seeks to recover the forms of the past, using the technology of the present. It is as if the best of each artistic trend will be taken in it, in order to satisfy the needs of today’s consumers without losing sight of the value of the details.
Therefore, if you want to achieve a decoration that highlights the best of contemporary art, that is unique, that overflows with personality and good taste; We invite you to follow the following tips:

1. Tone on tone

To make the space feel contemporary, the idea is to make a harmonious mix while maintaining a uniform color palette. In this practice, the application of tone-on-tone color that consists of playing with different tones, from the lightest to the darkest, of the same color, stands out mainly. To a large extent, the colors are usually brown, gray, cream and pure white.

2. Contemporary furniture

For your apartment to breathe contemporary style, the essential thing is to bet on furniture made of noble materials (wood, glass, stone or cement). In addition, contemporary style furniture should be of a classic cut, since they are generally characterized by having straight lines that offer a sense of continuity and cleanliness.

3. Fabrics

The favorites in contemporary style are natural fabrics such as silk, wool, linen and cotton. They are used for their texture and neutral nuances. However, bold colors and geometric patterns can be incorporated into the design through pillows, a rug, or a blanket.

4. Illumination

Within contemporary decoration, lighting is the key piece and we can say that it is the highlight of this style. Bet on incorporating a large lamp with straight lines and metallic finishes into your apartment and, of course, don’t forget the natural lighting through large windows.

5. Accessories

A very beautiful way to highlight the full potential of contemporary art is through canvases, large paintings or any other piece of decoration that breaks with straight lines and stands out above the rest. Thus, it is possible to give it a special, exclusive touch that makes a difference.

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