Christmas decoration: the best trends for this 2020

One of the most beautiful and long-awaited dates of the year for the whole family is approaching: Christmas! Although we know that this year will be completely different from others, it is a good time to not lose spirit and give a touch of joy to your home with a beautiful decoration.
Therefore, in the following article we have compiled the best trends of this 2020 so that it can be a source of inspiration in your Christmas decoration.

1. Snowy

One of the trends that come with force is the snowy style, where the houses are dressed with a touch of Nordic style, making their spaces the most welcoming and elegant.
For this proposal, it is advisable to use pieces that allow you to feel the beautiful sensation of snow, using from snowy trees, where white and gray colors abound, to the adaptation of Christmas figures in wood, porcelain and candles, which allow their spaces they exude beauty and elegance.

2. Modern

As we mentioned before, the Nordic decorative style is going to be very fashionable for Christmas decoration this year, so the elegant is deepened even more.
For this design, the minimalist, simple and elegant design is also highlighted in the Christmas decorations, so the use of not very extravagant ornaments and with a very refined style is recommended. Likewise, it is important to note that in this style, only essential decoration prevails, which means disposing of excess elements.

3. Industrial

Undoubtedly, an industrial style Christmas decoration will be very original, transforming everyday objects that come to life in the Christmas decoration with character for the different environments of the house, but always with a refined touch.
Certain copper kitchen utensils, burnt lamps, iron candlesticks, nuts, screws and antique scissors, can be some of the choices to decorate the contemporary Christmas tree with an industrial style touch.

4. Natural

For those who seek to get closer to nature, this decoration is perfect. Which seeks a contact with nature, here is precisely looking to choose a Christmas decoration with the theme of plants, flowers and animals.
You can use birds, reindeer, bears, feathers, flowers and plants in brown and green tones, which are the colors of nature. These details will make the house feel cozy, warm; going out of the ordinary.

5. Vintage

We can also say that all vintage motifs are in fashion this year as a Christmas decoration. An aesthetic choice that is highly appreciated, with the warmth of what does not go out of style. Details such as hand-painted ceramics, glamorous fabrics, the warmth of wood and certain antique objects, will give this Christmas an air of nostalgia, but at the same time of great warmth. A large Christmas tree is part of a typical vintage decoration.
Obviously for lovers of this style, there will be no lack of old ornaments inherited from our parents or grandparents.

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