Ejercicios para realizar al aire libre Barranco

A district like Barranco is ideal for exercising outdoors. It has wide spaces of green areas, and above all, very safe. Also remember that to exercise outdoors, you don’t need to leave the house. In a project like The Modern, you can use spaces such as the solarium to carry out your routines enjoying the fresh air.
If you have decided to take advantage of the time to train outdoors, we present you some exercises to work the whole body, and best of all, enjoying nature.

1. Yoga

This is a considered exercise of well-being par excellence. Yoga helps the person to enter a meditative state and make that “reset” that we seek last for a long time in the day. Enjoying the combination of this exercise with meditation and spirituality that surrounds this sport in contact with nature is a very good way to get in shape. At The Modern you can practice it from the terrace of your new apartment in Barranco or in some of the common areas of the project. You can also do it with a beautiful view of the sea on the Paul Harris Boardwalk located steps from The Modern or surrounded by green areas in the large parks that the district has, such as the Parque de Los Héroes, which is located in front of the project.

2. Tai Chi

It is a martial art that uses smooth and slow movements which makes it attractive for people with limited movement. In addition, it does not need any specific material, beyond comfortable clothing, so it can be done outdoors without any problem. In the Barranco district there are many Tai Chi groups that allow you to practice this discipline together, which also represents a great opportunity to get to know more about the new neighbors of your new department. These sessions can be held on the Paul Harris boardwalk, located very close to The Modern or in green areas such as Parque de Los Héroes, located in front of the project.

3. Pilates

It is a training system that focuses on generating muscle strength in the abdomen and lower back and neck. Ideal for those looking to tone the body. Greater motivation and more freedom are the sensations that are achieved when practicing it outdoors. Move to Barranco and enjoy the best spaces to practice it. In the district you will have a beautiful view of the sea on the Paul Harris boardwalk and large green areas such as Parque de Los Héroes.

4. Walk

It can be incorporated into the day easily and can be done alone or with others. It is recommended to walk at least 30 minutes per day and especially to take into account a route through safe places, but not so crowded. In Barranco, very close to your premiere apartment in The Modern of Grupo Octagon, you can find the ideal spaces for your walks, such as the Paul Harris boardwalk located a few steps away, or the Parque de Los Héroes that is in front of the project. The objective is that you can exercise in areas where you do not find many people practicing sports.

Do you want to enjoy outdoor exercises in Barranco? Make the best decision and choose to live at The Modern! An innovative project designed for you located just steps from the Paul Harris boardwalk, in front of the Parque de los Héroes: ideal and safe spaces in Barranco to perform all your exercise routines. Visit our Commercial Office at Av. Saenz Peña 203, Barranco or make your appointment at 961 769 375 and see our apartments for sale. We will wait for you!

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