6 exercises you can do with a chair at home

To do some exercise we do not need to attend a gym, or mount sophisticated machines to work our body. Having the desire to do sports and a chair to achieve a complete physical exercise will be more than enough to get in shape at home. To prove it, in the following article we give you 6 options of exercises that you can do with a chair at home.

1. ABS

We will do the exercise of raising the knees towards the chest. Practicing it daily not only strengthens your abdominal muscles, but it also helps improve digestion. Sitting with your back straight on the chair, without leaning completely on the backrest, we will put our hands on the sides of the hips. With your legs together, raise your knees to your chest, contracting your abs and repeat this movement 15 times. You will see that it is very simple!

2. Buttocks and legs

The exercise consists of sitting in the chair, getting up leaning the torso forward as little as possible and sitting down again, repeating this movement 15 times. With this activity we will work legs and buttocks. So that it does not become monotonous, you can finish the repetitions by raising yourself with one leg, in such a way that you intensify the result.

3. Squat

This is another of the exercises that can help you work your legs if you only have one chair, to do this, support one of your feet on the chair while you move forward with the other.
When you have adopted a comfortable posture, you will only have to bend the knee of the front leg as if you wanted to make a stride, and this way you will get the muscles of your legs, and especially your quadriceps, to work.

4. Triceps

With this exercise we will be able to tone our arms. Using the chair, rest your feet on the floor and your palms on the edge of the seat in such a way that your body is completely out. From there, bend your elbows back and bend your knees. Lower your torso into a squat as much as you can without reaching the ground.

5. Mountain climber

To perform this exercise, rest your hands on the chair and your feet on the floor, looking towards the seat of the chair and now alternate your legs, first one forward and then the other. Keep in mind that the movement must be fast.

6. Waist

You can also tone your waist, to do this, slide forward a little from the seat of the chair, hold on with your hands and raise your knees while tightening your abdomen. It is best to stay in this static position while rotating your waist to one side and the other 10 times. Rest for half a minute and repeat three more times.

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19 de May 2022 - 11:12