Exercises using elastic bands

One of the keys to a good workout is the variation of exercises. And this is achieved, among other things, by introducing new elements that allow diversifying and increasing the intensity of any exercise. To achieve this purpose, elastic bands are a good ally. These have become a staple for many disciplines, sports, training, and even physiotherapy injury rehabilitation.
There are multiple options of exercises that you can perform, so this time we bring you some options of exercises that you can perform with the elastic bands.

Glute kick

To perform this exercise, get into a quadruped position with your hands below the shoulder line and your knees below the hips. Wrap the elastic band on one of the soles of your feet while stepping on the ends with your hands. Then stretch your leg with a back kick. Do 12 reps on each leg.

Dead weight

Step on the band with your feet slightly more shoulder-width apart, holding the band with your hands and inside your legs. From this starting position, perform a movement bringing the hips back and slightly flexing the knee. Once the movement is complete, finish the hip extension by contracting glute.

Lateral core rotation

The first thing you should do is fix the band at a stable point at the height of the abdomen. Stand with your feet at shoulder height, lower your center of gravity and tension the band while keeping your elbows fully extended. From there, it rotates the spine back and forth.


Fix the band at a stable point, give it tension and hold it with your hands. Stand upright but in an upright position with your hips at shoulder level. Perform a row starting the movement with the shoulders, that is, the movement is initiated by the shoulders taking them back and then performs an elbow bend to finish the movement.

There are multiple benefits that we can get by training with them, also that they can be adapted to different resistance of any exercise.

They are ideal for training in parks, gyms or to do them from the comfort of your new home at The Modern. Visit our sales room by separating your appointment at 961 769 375 or write to us by WhatsApp by We will wait for you!

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