Items that you have at home and can use to exercise

Exercise at home, in times of confinement and telework, has become an essential activity to dedicate a little time to our body. Of course, it was easier when you went to the gym with your personal trainer and he told you what to do, having all the training elements at hand. But this time, things have changed and it’s time to reinvent yourself to continue with the sport as usual.
Do not worry if you do not have the ideal elements to carry out a functional exercise routine, with simple everyday objects that you have in your home, you can carry out many activities. In the following article we show you some examples.

1. Improvised weights

Dumbbells are a basic element to intensify any routine in a complete way. If you do not have these at home, you can exercise with bottles full of water. You can also choose to fill them with sand, legumes, rice, or whatever you have at home that can give the bottle more weight.

2. A chair

Chairs are the best allies for training the lower body, since with them you can do different types of exercises such as squats. You can also do dives with your legs extended and with your palms firmly on the edge of the chair, bend your arms and slowly lower your pelvis down to the floor until you are at a 90 ° angle with your arms. And if you want to take advantage of it, you can also do small aerobic circuits, transforming the chair into a step to go up and down, like in the gym.

3. Broomstick

Another element that you can use in your exercises is the broomstick, perfect for doing waist twists by placing the bar horizontally behind your back. You can also use it for a correct squat execution, placing the broomstick on your shoulders, placing it behind the neck and then doing an explosive squat.

4. Scraps of old clothes

With old clothes or rags that you don’t use, you can perform different types of exercises. One of these consists of the simulation of a stair climber, for this you must rest your arms on the floor, put pieces of clothing on each foot and make a movement similar to climbing.
Of this exercise it is advisable to do between three and four series of 15 or 30 seconds. It will serve to tone legs.

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