Decorating ideas for spring

On many occasions, spring itself adorns homes. The days are usually brighter and the sun’s rays that enter through the window, enhance the colors giving more joy to the environments.

Taking advantage of these natural conditions to give a new look to your apartment is an excellent idea. Best of all, you won’t need to make a big investment or make drastic changes. Just add a few simple details, in the right place, and you can create a big change in your home. Do you want to know how? Find out in this article.

1. Flowers in the house

The beauty of spring lies mainly in the beautiful flowering of nature; This is why it should not be missing in your spring decoration. Apply that natural touch of color with seasonal flowers. You can apply some colorful tulips, some elegant hyacinths or the always cheerful amaryllis; this will depend entirely on your taste. Do not forget to coordinate the colors of the flowers with the walls and furniture of the environments of which they will be part.

2. Brighten up your dining room

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, achieving a spring decoration does not require a big budget or making huge changes. With small accessories, we can achieve a different and much more cheerful touch. That is why, keeping the usual dishes and using a more colorful and cheerful one, turns out to be an incredible option that allows us to change the decoration of our house a lot without making much effort. These changes can be applied to vases, cups, ornaments and plates. Likewise, you can replace the usual tablecloth with more fresh and colorful ones.

3. A kitchen full of spring

In this environment of your home, changes can also be achieved with simple, but effective changes. For example, you can replace your kitchen towels with new and colorful ones that are made with fabrics with a spring air, where floral and striped patterns will be your best allies.

4. Your room needs color too

For the decoration to be complete and not only in the living room and kitchen, it is also necessary to bring spring to the rooms. This can be achieved with one or two very simple steps to carry out.

First of all, you can change the bedding for a fresher, lighter and more colorful one than what you use during winter. This factor could generate, by itself, the spring touch you want in your room, but if you want the space to be completely filled with the lights and colors of this season, you can choose to change the curtains for lighter and fresher ones that allow enter sunlight.

5. Free the ground

The big thick wool rugs are beautiful. They decorate the floors as few elements can and provide a special touch to any space where they are present, but they are not the most recommended in a spring design. For this season, we advise you to replace them with models of natural, fresh and thin fibers that add to the feeling of joy and luminosity that you are looking for so much.

It is surprising how small changes can give so much color and energy to the spaces of a home, to make spring feel in every corner. At The Modern, you can find the perfect apartment to try this and other decorating styles. Visit our sales room by separating your appointment at 961 769 375 or write to us by WhatsApp by entering We will wait for you!

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