The best digital platforms to share with your friends and family during quarantine

For more than 90 days, we have been abiding by social distancing to avoid the spread of the coronavirus. This has meant that friends, couples and families have not seen each other for more than 03 months.
Technology is a solution for many circumstances and this is no exception. There are multiple applications and digital platforms that can help us stay together in this quarantine, even if we are physically distant.
We recommend the following options to spend incredible moments with the people you love:

1. To make video calls

This is a great option for those who choose conversation as the main integration activity and there are many digital platforms to carry them out.
If you want to have a long conversation with a small group of best friends, you can opt for WhatsApp video calls. These allow a maximum of 8 participants and have unlimited duration.
On the other hand, if you want to organize a meeting with more participants, we recommend Messenger Room, the new Facebook proposal that allows a maximum of 50 participants and has no time limit on the duration of the video call.
Finally, if you have decided to go for a more ambitious meeting, we recommend using Zoom, the popular quarantine one. On this platform you can organize meetings with a maximum of 100 participants and a limited time of 40 minutes in its free version. The first time you use this platform you will be able to access the unlimited video call time and then you can choose to use the paid version if you want to carry out conversations lasting more than 40 minutes.

2. Watch movies simultaneously

If you have already talked a lot with your friends, family or partner and want to do a different activity; How about watching a movie together? Although they can opt for the rustic option of counting to 3 to play the movie, once again, technology has a better and more interesting one to facilitate the process. We present Netflix Party, an extension of the platform that is available for Google Chrome and, basically, what it does is synchronize the video between users and add a group chat to comment on the events that are unfolding in the plot.

3. To play online

If you want to simulate a night of games between friends, you have many options to carry it out. The main and most popular in these times of quarantine is Ludo King, a platform that allows us to remember wonderful childhood moments simulating the well-known board game. You can access the game from your PC or cell phone, you decide which one best suits your needs and offers you a maximum of 6 participants to play at the same time. The app allows you to send messages by chat to make interaction during the game more fun.

We know that it is difficult to cope with the physical distance with the people we love, but we can always find methods to improve waiting. Contact us through our 100% online service, our advisors are available to answer all your questions. Quote without leaving home from Monday to Sunday from 11 a.m. at 8 p.m. To learn more about The Modern, you can contact us at 961 769 375. We are waiting for you!

19 de May 2022 - 10:28