The best virtual museums to enjoy from home

The impact of the coronavirus in the world caused the closure of practically all public spaces for prevention, but if you are a lover of art and travel, thanks to technology it is now possible to “visit” virtually some of the best museums in the world without leaving home, and best of all, for free.
These virtual visits will allow us to delight ourselves with works of art, located on the other side of the world and that we could not see otherwise than traveling to the city where it is located. These museums offer collections on their website and virtual visits through their social networks. But also tools like Google Arts & Culture and Street View that help cultural institutions to share their collections, even those that are no longer exhibited. So that you can meet and enjoy different works of art, in the following article we present some of the best virtual museums to enjoy from home:

1. Louvre Museum, Paris

The Louvre Museum is on many travelers’ wish list and it is truly impressive. Despite the long lines that are common and the relentless rush to get to see the Mona Lisa, the Louvre should and deserves to be visited in stride. Today, thanks to technology, you can take advantage of the virtual tour to enjoy the details of the works and walk through the corridors without the dozens of people taking a selfie next to you. Without a doubt, this museum is among the best in the world and you cannot miss the visit. The virtual museum is available in French, English, Spanish and other languages.
Take the tour by entering here:

2. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

The MET is one of the largest and most comprehensive museums in New York City. Knowing the MET takes hours of walking in person and also online. The museum’s website has videos available showing the Metropolitan in 360º, with a great soundtrack. In the videos it is possible to see the museum from the angle you want. In addition, the MET website also offers various videos, texts and photos on the history of the works available. Another way to see the Metropolitan of New York is through the Google Arts & Culture page, which offers a virtual tour of several sessions of the museum in 360º, as if it were a Google Street View of art.
Take the tour by entering here:

3. Uffizi Gallery, Italy

Florence is a city that breathes art and the Uffizi Gallery is a great place to explore works by great Italian artists. The museum has various sculptures and works by artists such as Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael. The main attractions are in the Botticelli Room, where you can see the paintings Spring and the Birth of Venus. In the room dedicated to the iconic Leonardo da Vinci are the works Annunciation and The Adoration of the Magi. On this tour you will be able to visit the corridors of the museum through Google Arts & Culture, but also through the museum’s website.
Take the tour by entering here:

4. National Museum of Anthropology, Mexico

The National Museum of Anthropology is one of the most visited attractions in Mexico City. The museum has a truly spectacular and unique collection. The highlights of the museum are in the room of the Aztec Mexican peoples. It is in this large showroom where the Piedra de Sol, better known as the Aztec Calendar, is located. Another highlight are the magnificent sculptures representing the gods of Teotihuacán. On the museum’s website you can also see the details of the collection and in Google Arts & Culture you can walk through the wonderful corridors.
Take the tour by entering here:

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