New Netflix Releases

“What to watch on Netflix?” It is, for sure, one of the most frequently asked questions at the weekend, especially now that three months have passed since the state of sanitary emergency was declared due to the coronavirus.
It is very likely that you have already seen the vast majority of series or movies, however, the streaming platform continues to surprise its subscribers with new titles, new seasons and new movies.
To face the quarantine, in this article we present you some of the new releases of movies, and series that Netflix brings.

1. Dark

On Saturday June 27, one of the most anticipated streaming series returned to the platform for its third and final season, the production of science fiction and mystery came to an end. The release date has not gone unnoticed by a curious coincidence that relates it to a prediction by the prophet Nostradamus that heralds the end of the world.
This is not the first time that Dark has been linked to conspiracy predictions or theories. Following the global conjuncture due to the coronavirus, at the beginning of the year the series became a trend on social networks for allegedly predicting an apocalypse in 2020.
If you haven’t seen them yet, you are in time to catch up on this mystery series with touches of supernatural fantasy that will leave you wanting to see more.

2. Cable Girls

It is one of the expected premieres is Cable Girls, which tells the story of four women who come from different parts of the country. These women arrive in the capital after being hired as operators of the switchboard of the only telephone company that exists. In this city, surrounded by an atmosphere of progress and modernity, the protagonists are enveloped in jealousy, envy and treason; as well as for success, friendship and love, on the path that will lead them to fulfill their dreams. After four seasons, it comes with the premiere of its fifth and final installment, where anything can happen, especially now that the Spanish civil war is on top of each of the protagonists.

3. Street Food: Latino America

It arrives on July 21, 2020 through the official Netflix account. It is based on a tour of the most delicious street food in Latin America, so we will enjoy the various combinations of traditional Oaxacan cuisine in Mexico, the choripanes in Argentina or the famous Peruvian ceviche in Peru, among other things, with the format to which the Street Food series is accustomed to us, a documentary where you will learn how street gastronomy is made and why it is so important in the identity of Latin American gastronomic culture.

4. The old guard

The old guard a fun, carefree and fresh series. It masterfully combines the traditional motifs of the military academy and space warfare. The story begins when, after having lived a relatively calm life on Earth, and on the same day that they turn 65, 1,022 elders join the Colonial Defense Forces, because the universe is waging a war without quarter for the last uninhabited planets in the galaxy. It is there that the army formed by elders, who are given the body of a 20-year-old, defend the fight for the survival of humanity in the universe.

Get ready not to take off from the TV or the computer, because here are all the series and movies that will come to Netflix in July.
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20 de May 2022 - 08:35