Why consume chia during quarantine?

Since the sanitary protocol for the resumption of activities through deliveries was received, many companies have chosen to offer this service from supermarkets, stores and restaurants; Mainly to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and to protect the safety of its customers, avoid products at home.
And although there are no studies that prove that the coronavirus can transmit through food, it does not mean that we should not take precautions when ordering. That is why in the following article we present you some recommendations that you should take into account when ordering a shipment and prevent contact.

1. Choose well

When ordering, it is important to select only companies that are trusted. It does not need to be from a large chain, it can be small or from the corner of your house, but the important thing is to know it or have good references. In this way you can ensure that the quality of the products and the prevention protocols are adequate.

Zero contact

Remember how important social distancing is, so it is essential to avoid contact with the delivery person. Taking this recommendation into account, ask the delivery person to place the order at your door, keeping the minimum distance of one meter.

3.Protection implements

It is important that when we go out to receive our products we use protective implements such as gloves and a mask, as well as the delivery staff. These must be discarded immediately upon entering our home. Don’t forget to keep a disinfectant gel or a spray with bleach and water to disinfect the door, the doorbell and your shoes before entering the house. After that, we recommend you transfer the food to your own containers before storing it in the refrigerator and washing your hands.

4. Disinfection

Hygiene measures continue after receiving the order, so disinfection is important. For this it is necessary to assign a specific surface where they will place the products for their respective cleaning. First discard the bag and outer packaging carefully, then wash your hands and have another space to put those products that are already clean. Remember that when carrying out this process we must not touch ourselves, nor other surfaces to avoid having to sanitize other spaces.

Definitely, there is a lower risk when making purchases by delivery, since there is less contact with people and contributes to social distancing. However, it does not guarantee 100% avoidance of the coronavirus, but taking precautions reduces the possibilities significantly.
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19 de May 2022 - 09:23