Restaurants Pet Friendly in Barranco

For many of us now our dogs are the conceited ones of home, and there is nothing sadder than leaving our faithful friend alone at home. Luckily, the Pet Friendly trend is growing more and more, allowing more and more locals to open the doors to pets.
Barranco also offers options to make it another companion in restaurants, bookstores, bakeries and ice cream parlors.

The Green Winery

Location: Jr. Sucre 335, Barranco.

This is a restaurant specialized in organic food, will receive you in a place that has outdoor tables and allows you to enter with dogs or cats. It is not necessary to take your pet with a muzzle or leash unless it is very restless.

The neighboring Eco-Bar

Location: Jr. Domeyer 219, Barranco

Since opening its doors, he accepted his clients with his spoiled pets. They have a special place reserved for those who come with them for comfort. You can have breakfast, lunch or dinner with your dog, either in the restaurant’s loft or in the main hall.

In the district of Barranco you will find a natural and inclusive bohemian environment, surrounded by restaurants with quality services that meet your needs. If you are interested in living in Barranco, visit our sales room to receive more information about The Modern project: Av. El Sol Oeste, corner Cl. Las Mimosas, Barranco. We will wait for you!

17 de May 2022 - 22:00