Follow these instructions and protect yourself when going to the supermarket

Since the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic in Peru, specialists and authorities have been determining different sources of infection, resulting in markets and supermarkets as one of them. It is for this reason that it is extremely important that you take the appropriate precautions when you go shopping for food for your home.
Although food chains have taken precautionary measures to avoid possible infections, the most important measure of all will be that attendees comply with all the provisions or they could become highly dangerous places.
It is essential that each one take protective measures to avoid contagion, for this we have compiled the following tips to take care of your health when going shopping and you can protect yourself, your family and the people around you.

1. Plan your purchases

Before giving you the prevention tips when going to the supermarket, we do not want to fail to mention that the best precaution you can take is to stay at home. That is why properly planning your needs will give you the possibility of going out to buy only once a week, thus reducing your exposure and risk of contagion.
To meet this objective, we recommend that you prepare, in the case of food, a weekly menu so that you can determine what products and in what quantity you will need. If we are talking about household implements, take a short walk verifying that you have the adequate quantities of each product and take note of those that are close to being exhausted. In this way, you will be able to prepare an effective shopping list with which you will avoid having to go out more than once for a product that may have been missing from your purchase.

2. Safety equipment

It is important to be protected when leaving home and even more so when shopping, so the supermarket is one of the places where there is a greater influx of people and the level of contagion is higher.
It is essential to wear a mask all the time, since this apart from being a mandatory provision by the authorities to protect you, it will serve as a reminder to avoid touching your nose and mouth.
On the other hand, we recommend using disposable gloves to protect your hands from contact with possibly infected elements. If you cannot find gloves, you can choose to use a plastic bag from the same supermarket as gloves. Remember that, at the end of their use, you must remove them safely and dispose of them immediately.
In addition, it will be very useful to bring alcohol and disposable cloths, with which you can disinfect the objects with which you must have contact.

3. Attention with carts, baskets and bags

Supermarket carts and baskets pass through many hands every day, which could make them potential vehicles for spreading the virus. Avoid using them and bring your own cart or bags, which you must disinfect after use for greater prevention.
If you do not have these items on hand and you must use those from the supermarket, try to disinfect the surfaces, especially the handlebars, with alcohol and sanitary wipes.

4. Keep distance

Social distancing is the most effective measure to avoid contagion, so it is important to maintain a safe distance. This distance must be, at least, one and a half meters with the people who are in the establishment. If you don’t know how to measure it, do it by staying about five steps away from each individual.
Remember that if you see an aisle where there are a lot of people, try to do your shopping first in other areas of the store and come back later to avoid crowds.

5. Only touch what you are going to buy

We know that, in the case of fruits and vegetables, many people choose to touch the products to verify that the condition is adequate before buying them, but in these times, this will be an activity that we all must resist. This is due to not knowing how many people may have touched the product previously and if you have taken the necessary precautions. Someone may have sneezed into your hand and then picked up the food, leaving particles on the object that would later be handled by another.

6. Way to pay

It is best to use a credit or debit card or pay with the phone according to what the experts recommend, since coins and bills pass from hand to hand and can become a possible route of transmission of the coronavirus.
If you take these recommendations into account, you will not only be protecting yourself, but also the cashier staff, who are exposed to the public on a daily basis and assume a greater risk of contagion. Don’t forget to be nice to them and thank them for their work – it may not make their day better, but it will let them know that we value the work they are doing.

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19 de May 2022 - 11:10