Decoration trends for this fall

It is time to enter a new season with the house renovated and with colors that help us increase that feeling of well-being that we always seek. Find out how to do it with these practical tips.

1. Seasonal color: gray

The gray color comes strongly this fall, ready to conquer any space in the home and even furniture, sofas and accessories. A tone that may seem very cold but offers such a wide range and so many options to combine that it will be impossible for you not to find an option that you conquer.
Pantone mentions two gray tones among the most trendy this fall: Stormy Weather and Desert Sage, along with mustard, another on-trend color that is undoubtedly a perfect union to bring warmth and light and create a great contrast game. But you can also join it to reddish tones that are also being key this year.

2. Furniture and accessories: Wood and natural fibers

Wood has once again taken center stage in the home, whether in natural colors, very much in the Nordic style, or also in colors such as mahogany, walnut or even dark wenge tones.
For this season, bet on these darker colors and full of personality, but also all kinds of wooden accessories such as stools or tables made of logs, boxes, pallets, branches turned into dream catchers or mobiles for almost any part of the home. Wood and recycling are in fashion and will add a special touch to any corner or room.

3. Textile: Natural fabrics cannot be absent

Natural fabrics come strongly from wool, cotton, linen fabrics. Ethnic is in fashion, in all areas, but it is undoubtedly the textile where it lives its best moment.
Another pattern that we are going to see a lot this fall is the classic paisley that comes in multiple options especially for bedding. A good idea to redecorate your room, including paisley on your cushions and duvet. You can choose it in bright colors or decide on a more sober and classic combination.

4. Don’t forget the add-ons

In the end, accessories are what ends up giving our home a unique personality. And this season the lamps, metals continue to be the main protagonists from copper to old gold passing through silver, gold or bronze, they are an essential in the decoration of autumn and in general this year.
Craftsmanship is also present, claiming its right to be part of interior decoration this season thanks to its ability to modernize without losing its essence. Such as handicrafts, basketry items (baskets, trays and other textiles and braids in vegetable fibers), pottery (vase, ornaments and crockery) and ceramics.

5. Connection with the natural

Finally, the natural tendency comes with more force, especially to surround ourselves with vegetation to feel freer, healthier and more alive. In the same way that the coronavirus has motivated the transfer of the city center to places closer to nature, which has also made the idea of ​​living surrounded by plants germinate, so that the house is a friendlier and greener place.

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