Hygiene tips to keep your home free of coronavirus

For more than two months we have been abiding by social isolation to stop the spread of the coronavirus. This consists of staying home as long as possible, only going out to carry out essential activities. When we make these trips, we put into action a whole prevention plan to avoid contracting the virus while we are on the street, but did you know that you could also get it from your own home? How? When people leave home to stock up, they may bring new germs and viruses along with them, which they can then spread around the house if proper disinfection routines are not followed. Therefore, it is essential to add house disinfection to personal hygiene. Take note of these 5 tips to properly disinfect your home:

1. Cleans and disinfects

First we must clarify that cleaning is not the same as disinfecting. Cleaning means removing or removing dirt, while disinfecting involves removing viruses and bacteria. If what we are looking for is to avoid the spread of the coronavirus at home, it is advisable to carry out both practices: first clean the dust and, later, disinfect the surfaces with bleach or disinfecting wet cloths. Daily disinfection of kitchen surfaces, children’s toys, and pet spaces is recommended. Finally, don’t forget to use disposable gloves when disinfecting your home.

2. Electronic items

Devices such as cell phones, tablets, keyboards and remote controls are in constant contact with our hands, so it is extremely important that they are properly disinfected. In case you have any fear of being able to spoil them at the time of cleaning, you can put a protective cover so that it is the one you disinfect, instead of the device. Otherwise, we recommend you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and disinfection; But if no instructions are included, use alcohol-based wipes or sprays that contain at least 70% alcohol. Don’t forget to dry the surface completely.

3. The clothes

It is of utmost importance that the clothes that you have used on the street are not used indoors. The virus could have clung to the fabric and then spread throughout your home if you keep it on. Specialists recommend having a laundry basket at the door of the house, in which you can put the clothes you have used on the street. Then, these garments must be washed with the maximum temperature allowed by the manufacturer. Remember not to shake dirty clothes and wear disposable gloves when handling them. It is also important to keep other fabrics in your home clean, such as curtains, towels and sheets.

What substances can we use to disinfect surfaces?

You can use the following solutions to do it:
Solution with bleach: In a liter bottle, add 20 ml of bleach (no matter the brand) and fill with tap water. Shake to mix evenly. Wet a handkerchief with this solution and proceed to disinfect the surfaces.
Alcohol solution: Mix 70 ml of 96 ° alcohol with 100 ml of water. This will serve to disinfect personal items.

The best way to avoid programming the coronavirus is to take care of personal and home hygiene. From The Modern we invite you to follow these practical tips with which you will be making an important contribution to the control of COVID-19. Stay home and know everything we have for you by contacting us at or 962 779 599. You can also contact us at or 940 873 470. We are waiting for you!

20 de May 2022 - 09:23