3 quick, nutritious and delicious breakfasts to make at home

Since always and even more now in quarantine, it happens to all of us that morning routines can be a bit complicated. The minutes seem to run faster than ever and our time to get ready for work is getting shorter and shorter, but despite this, there is something you should never stop doing: have breakfast. Remember that this is where you consume your first food of the day after approximately 10 to 12 hours of fasting, so we need energy and nutrients to carry out our daily activities. Food provides us with energy, nutrients and water, all essential for life. Not eating breakfast can create a feeling of weakness and fatigue, because your energy reserves are gradually depleting.
The way you start your day is crucial to make the most of every minute of your workday and there is no better day than the one that starts with a good breakfast.

That is why today we share 3 delicious breakfasts that are not only nutritious, but also very easy to prepare:

1. Oatmeal with Fruit

Oatmeal is one of the basic ingredients in a balanced diet, as well as being very easy to obtain and integrate into dishes. This product helps to lose weight, controls blood sugar levels, improves digestion, controls cholesterol and above all is a great source of energy and protection. It will help speed up your metabolism and you will feel full of energy.

½ cup oatmeal
Skim milk to taste.
Linseed to taste.
¼ cup of three fruits of your choice.

Start by mixing the oats with the skim milk. Then add some linseed to it. Finish by including ¼ cup of your favorite fruit. And ready! You already have a great breakfast ready.

2. Healthy smoothie

This breakfast contains oatmeal and plain yogurt. In addition to the benefits that we know of oats, it would have the benefits of natural yogurt, such as strengthening our defense system, regulating the acidity of the stomach, stabilizing the intestinal flora and preventing the development of harmful bacteria in the intestine.

1 cup plain yogurt
½ cup oatmeal
A portion of fruit of your choice

Mix the plain yogurt with the oatmeal and add a portion of your favorite fruit. Mix this combination in the blender until you get a homogeneous consistency. Add honey, nuts, and enjoy! This drink will fill you with energy during the morning and will help you start your day better, since it satisfies your appetite.

3. Omelette with vegetables

Eating an egg for breakfast is almost a ritual. It is a present ingredient par excellence for these meals. The egg contains vitamins A, D, E, B12, riboflavin, and folate, and minerals such as iodine, iron, calcium, zinc, and selenium. Several studies show that a protein-rich breakfast fills you up and puts you in good shape. So, having an egg breakfast is a great option, but why not make it a little different?

2 eggs

Start by beating the eggs and then mix them with small pieces of bell pepper, onion and tomato. Then heat a jet of oil in the pan and empty the mixture. Cook until you have the consistency of a fried egg and your omelette is done!

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19 de May 2022 - 09:25