Apps to edit your photos like a pro

Just a few years ago it seemed to us that editing photos was only done by professionals using large computers, but now, thanks to technology, editing can be done directly from the cell phone, with a professional finish. So you can look amazing photos on your social networks.
There are thousands of photo editors for iOS and Android, but most remain at a basic level that does not go beyond adjusting colors, eliminating glitches and applying filters. However, in this article we have compiled the best apps that guarantee us a professional finish to edit our photos.

1. Snapseed

The first app is Snapseed, one of the most popular apps, and for good reason. This Google photo editor packs a punch by competing with desktop photo editors with its wide range of features and interface.
As expected, this application has a range of predefined filters. However, unlike most applications, you can edit these filters and even create your own from scratch. It also has all the classic tools like cropping, straightening, creating frames, text, bullets, etc.
In short, its ease of use and its infinite options have allowed Snapseed to be one of the most professional applications to edit your photos.
To download the app, search for it as Snapseed on Google Play or the App Store.


VSCO is an app that has been gaining presence and fame on social networks. Especially with the increase in popularity of Instagram, since it is used by many users on this social network when editing their photos.
This program is free and provides a wide variety of filters that make your photos appear to have been taken with an analog film camera. These soft and subtle filters add a touch of class to your photos, they also allow you to purchase packages of presets, each of which has its own aesthetic for certain types of images.
Of course, you also get all the standard editing tools, like adjustments, cropping, borders, and bullets. You can also use this photo editor to adjust the exposure, contrast, temperature or tones.
To download the app, search for it as VSCO on Google Play or the App Store.

3. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

Last but not least, there is the Adobe Lightroom application, which has become the most popular option for digital photo editing among professionals, since this editing program could really be the union of several programs in a single interface .
This app is a full-featured photo manager and editor, complete with exposure settings, watermarks, and much more. Available on both Android and IOS, in addition to this, it offers all the power of a database where we can save and organize all our photos and videos.
In short, Lightroom has a good number of tools for editing and retouching our images, with a variety of colors, densities and photographic edits, all of them to achieve the professional effect that we want so much in our shots.
To download the app, search for it as Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC on Google Play or the App Store.

Performing professional edits on your photos is becoming easier, thanks to the large number of applications that exist on the net, the only thing is knowing how to choose which one suits your style.

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