Bio wineries and organic stores in Barranco

Are you looking for organic food of the best quality? Know the points where you can find them in the heart of Barranco:

La Calandria:

Biotienda recognized mainly for having a herbalist with more than 70 traditional herbs from Peru. Here you will find organic fruits and vegetables, natural deodorants and blockers, farm eggs and a variety of quinoa and spices. It also has a herbalist with more than 70 traditional herbs from Peru.
Calle 28 de Julio 206-C, Barranco.

La Sanahoria:

It is the first chain of biomarkets in Peru. Here you can find pre-cooked quinoa burgers, salads in reusable packaging and healthy snacks. In their social networks, they teach how to prepare healthy dishes quickly and easily.
Jr. Centenario 195, Barranco.

La Panadera:

Find here flavored cookies never seen before: lavender, chocolate with muña. Desserts like a delicious soursop and blueberry cake. All without sugar, without margarine, and without refined flour. Definitely an exquisite and healthy option.
Jirón Alfonso Ugarte 141, Barranco

Vacas Felices:

This virtual store with physical bio-wineries offers organic cocoa chocolates, free-range grazing chicken eggs, butter with pink salt from Maras, drinkable probiotic yogurts, Greeks and more.

Tour the best bio wineries in Barranco, know how great this district offers and take advantage of the opportunity to visit our sales room and receive more information about The Modern project: Av. El Sol Oeste, corner Cl. Las Mimosas, Barranco. We will wait for you!

17 de May 2022 - 23:32