3 sports to practice at home

Sports lovers are going through a very difficult time due to the restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as they must follow the guidelines of social distancing for the good of all. However, all is not lost. There are several sports options that can be practiced within the comfort of home, although in some cases creativity must be invoked.
In the following article we present you 3 sports options that you can practice from home without the need for specialized implements and using materials that you surely have:

1. Bowling

This sport is played on a track approximately 19 meters long and consists of knocking down a bowling block with a rolling ball and knocking them down. The idea is to score as many points during the 10 shots (each shot can be shot twice).
You can perform “chuza” which consists of knocking down all the pins in the first launch of a shot. There is also the “half shot” which is to knock down all the pins using both throws with one shot.

The most incredible thing about this sport is that you can play it from home, it is very simple, you only need:
– 10 plastic bottles (or whatever you get). Fill them with sand or dirt so they stay firm.
– 1 ball. Make sure it is heavier than the bottles so you can knock them over.
– 1 chalk or string to mark the foul line on the floor of your court.
– 1 Pencil and paper to write down the points that the players knock down.

2. Table tennis

Of course, table tennis cannot be left out of this list, not only because it is one of the most popular sports in the world, but because it is so much fun and its benefits include strengthening coordination, concentration and reflexes.
2 or 4 people can participate in this sport. The player or pair who first reaches 11 points will win the game.

To be able to practice this sport at home you only need:
– A rectangular table that you can divide into two equal fields.
– An object with which you can build a net: stockings, straps, ropes, etc.
– A table tennis or a rubber ball that bounces.
– 2 rackets that you can make yourself with: small wooden boards, cardboard or even notebooks. If you want them to be more similar to professional rackets, you can cut a piece of cardboard in the color you like the most and stick it on both sides of the cardboard racket.

3. Squash

Squash, very similar to fronton or the so-called fronton paddle, is often considered the most complete and intense sport, as well as the best for health. Half an hour of squash every day is enough to exercise practically the entire body and burn 517 calories.
This is another racket sport but one that takes place in an enclosed space by hitting the ball against the wall.
The ball can bounce off all walls but it must always touch the front wall and only bounce on the floor 1 time. The player who first reaches 11 points wins the game.

To be able to practice this sport at home you only need:
– A closed space with nothing inside or a wall that can be hit.
– A ball or a ball.
– A racket that you can make yourself (as in table tennis) or you can also play by hand.

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