Ways to celebrate the New Year without breaking the protocols against Covid-19

We know that the end of the year parties will not be the same, the Coronavirus has made people stay at home changing their routines and customs to stay safe. However, many people eagerly and hopefully await the arrival of the year 2021, trying to see options to carry out a New Year without exposing their loved ones. That is why in the following article we show you some ways to celebrate the New Year, but without violating the protocols against Covid-19.

1. Just one click away

Although we cannot be physically together, we can celebrate the end of the year with a multiple video call where with a single click you can be closer to the people you love.
To make this celebration more interesting you can make invitations online, creating New Year’s themed cards a few days before. Remember to schedule the video call for the 31st at night, some programs like Adobe Spark allow you to do it for free.

2. Theme party

Organize an online themed party with your friends, all dressed in white, elegant, or more comfortable, whatever the style, agree so that each one can decorate their home with the agreed theme. It will be entertaining to see how everyone decorates with the things they have in their houses and it will give a special touch to close the year.

3. Family dinner

A New Year’s celebration under normal circumstances takes hours of preparation: cleaning, decorating, decorating, and above all, preparing the long-awaited dinner for the guests. So this year, let’s say it has been a plus since you will only have to have the preparations to spend it at home with your nuclear family.
You can also take advantage of the new format to include distant family and friends through video calls to have dinner together and spend a special night.
And if you want to make it more interesting you can ask them to prepare the same dinner, for this you can send them the recipe at least a week in advance, so they can buy the ingredients.

4. Toast time

Finally, the virtual toast is a good alternative so that many of us do not miss a traditional and long-awaited celebration, next to our classic green grapes at 12. To do this, tell your friends and / or family to be take some time to prepare your table with the classic grapes and have at home the inevitable champagne for the respective toast.

There are many alternatives to spend a special year end without leaving home. At The Modern, you can find that ideal apartment that you are looking for so much to celebrate special meetings. Visit our sales room by separating your appointment at 961 769 375 or write to us by WhatsApp by entering

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19 de May 2022 - 10:25