Spring dishes with products that can be found at the Barranco Ecological Fair

It is spring, so to celebrate it we suggest that you fill the fridge with seasonal products and take advantage of the variety of fruits and vegetables that are beginning to be seen at the Barranco Ecological Fair, located very close to our The Modern project. Here are some recipes with spring foods:
Spring gives us greens and vegetables for which we feel a real weakness: it is time for pumpkin, mushrooms and spinach. Also artichokes, green beans and sweet potato. Onions are also in a great time for consumption. Thus, spring is presented as an ideal time to “eat the garden”, shaping it into delicious recipes such as:

1. Pumpkin cream

It is a delight that comforts on cold days and also feels very good in warmer times, served more temperate or even fresh. It pairs well with almost all other vegetables, as well as fruits and spices of all kinds.

2. Garlic mushrooms

This delicious dish is a good way to incorporate vegetables into our diet, in addition, it will be very easy and simple to achieve a highly nutritious garnish. And never better said, because the mixture of olive oil and juice released by the mushrooms, gives rise to a sauce with a spectacular flavor.

3. Pesto pasta with spinach

It is a healthy recipe that combines the best of natural ingredients that will provide us with a series of important benefits. It is truly a majestic combination: the creaminess of the walnuts, the freshness of the basil, the acidity of the lemon, the sweetness, the lightness of the olive oil, make this dish something to die for.

4. Artichokes stuffed with tuna

It is a very healthy recipe perfect for the whole family, and a way of eating vegetables and fish that will surprise you because of how simple and easy it is to prepare, but above all because of the final flavor.

Enjoy these delicious dishes with quality products that you can find at the Barranco Ecological Fair, from the comfort of your new home at The Modern. Reap the benefits of living in a district full of so much life and activity. Visit our sales room by separating your appointment at 961 769 375 or write to us by WhatsApp by entering We will wait for you!

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17 de May 2022 - 22:49